How to Warp tracks for Ableton Live with us (FAQ's)

Sending your music to us could not be easier, just choose which service best fits your needs, or contact us. Upload or post your tracks to us and we'll send you a download link to your music warped and ready to go!

Do you have any questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions below, if you don't find an answer then send us an email.


Why are there different prices for recordings from vinyl, downloads and CD rips?

This is because more work is needed to accurately warp recordings from vinyl, live recordings, and older music. There are usually many imperfections in the timing of these recordings, this usually requires more attention and can therefore demand a greater amount of time to warp. Normally downloads or CD rips do not have these imperfections, so warping these can take less time and therefore costs less.


I have vinyl to convert how will it work?

It couldn't be simplier, just send us an email and tell us what you have and what you want it converted to (i.e. wav, mp3, etc.). We'll get back to you with a quote and details of where to send or drop your vinyl. Check out our vinyl conversion page or contact us for more information.


Will I lose sound quality on the files I send in to be time corrected or edited?

The process of time correcting and other editing of your music files invovles the recreation of your music file after we have altered the timing. Essentially this means that if you send in a heavily compressed mp3 file we can stop any further quality loss by sending you an uncompressed wav file when we have finished. However if you want another heavily compressed mp3 file after we have finished you will suffer loss of quality. Wav files will play with all your media players, however other higher bit rate mp3 files will also reduce quality loss.


What is the average turn around when warping music?

This really depends on you, if you are in a rush then let us know and we will do what we can to help you out. To give you an idea 50 recordings from vinyl can take around a day, so its always possible to do that amount or less in a day. Therefore its possible to complete more than 50 files from downloads or CD rips in a day, but for more accurate information contact us. If you need work completed quickly then make sure you let us know what you need and we will do our best to arrange it for you!


How do I send my music for warping?

You have many options, we can supply you with ftp details so you can upload straight to our server securely (access to an FTP account is always provided here). You can login to this website and use our Members Upload Centre to send your files securely.

You could also send in your files through free web services such as, or any of the other services out there. Finally you could burn your mp3 files to CD or DVD and send them using good old fashioned post!


How do I get my music back?

This depends, if you have just uploaded your music then after we have finished we will email you with a download link. This will contain all your music and the asd files Ableton Live needs to load your tracks into your sets. If you have sent in your vinyls or cassettes for conversion we will include CDs or DVDs of your new digitally recorded music depending on how you request it.


I have a lot of mp3s to send for warping, do I send them individually?

No, you can zip them into one file. By doing this you will create just one file which contains all the music files you wish to send. Then all you need to do is upload that file!


I need this done today, can you help?

Yes, email us first and agree a completion time, we have worked to very tight deadlines in the past and can do it again.


I am constantly travelling with my DJing, can I collect my warped music on the road?

Yes, when we have finished we will produce a download link to your music so as long as you have an internet connection and a computer connected to it you can download your music. Most internet cafes will have a good enough connection, all you need to do is download it!


How do I import my music into Ableton Live after receiving it from you?

This is easy, just put the music back onto your computer ensuring the asd file that accompanies it is in the same folder. Ableton Live will then find the asd files and use our warping work to load your track seamlessly in sync with the rest of your music.


Who are you?

Experienced DJs.


What genres of music do you warp for Ableton Live?

Everything! Some specific tracks can be harder to warp than others but essentially we have the expertise to warp anything you want into Ableton Live. Older music and live recordings can be more difficult as are those recorded from old vinyl, but none should be a problem. If you have any special requests then drop us a mail.


Can you warp with my old vinyl recordings?

Yes that isn't a problem! Some vinyl recordings are taken from warped records and are therefore slightly out of time. This requires a little bit of special attention to fix but can be done. Sometimes we are also able to fix recordings when the record has jumped. You can never fix a bad recording, so a fault will always be there, however with some intelligent warping we can set your track so that it still runs in time with your set even though your record jumps! This is not guaranteed but we will always try for you and usually get results that customers are happy with. If you have a question about our service or a special request for warping tracks in Ableton Live send us a mail